"Masters of the elements. Fierce and proud warriors."


The Jinn are found mostly in Egypt, along with the hellish planes of their exiled home.

Elemental demons with a proud lineage going back Ages, the noble Jinn once lived side by side with humanity, until war caused them to turn on their masters and makers, and they were cast out into the howling other-world. They now nurture a burning hatred of the detested monkeys that infect Gaia, and only their respect for and love of Earth stay their hand.

A schism between the Jinn has recently manifested, however, causing brother to turn on brother, and forcing some of their kind - against their instincts - to ally themselves with humanity against their own blood in order to protect our world from devastation. Masters of the elements, they are fierce and proud warriors who don't fall easily, and whose dreaded war cries echo between dimensions.[1]

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