The Secret World mission information
Mission type Sabotage Sabotage mission (repeatable)
Starting zone Kingsmouth Townmore
Given by Helen Bannerman, inside sheriff's office
Where in zone (185, 320)
Required mission(s) Supply Run


Tier 1
  1. Check a phonebook for secured business.
  2. Retrieve the camera from the Sycoil gas station.
    • Roof of the gas station. ( 330. 230). There is a trash can behind the station which can be climbed.
  3. Retrieve the camera from Kingsmouth Savings and Loans.
    • Left side of the door. (365, 315)
  4. Retrieve the camera from the mining museum.
    • 2nd floor balcony railing. (353, 267) Climb up the ladder on the house behind the museum.
Tier 2
  1. Enter the mining museum basement.
    • Enter through the door inside.
  2. Ask the janitor about the cameras.
  3. Find a way to bypass the booby-traps.
    • Jump over the 3 first lasers beams.
    • In the first room, avoid the lights. Go around the edges to click the first "Trap deactivation switch".
    • Find the holes in the laser beams. Right edge, center, and left edge, respectively.
    • In the second room, avoid the lights. There are a couple of safe spots where you won't be detected if you stand still. Get to the second "Trap deactivation switch" and click it.
Tier 3
  1. Recover a new camera from the crate.
Tier 4
  • Place camera on tree trunk.
  • Place camera on street light.
  • Place camera on house corner.
  • Place camera on stree light.
Tier 5
  1. Use the police computer to initialise the system.


  • 5000 Pax romanaBlack bullion.
  • One of the following QL1 luck talismans:
    • Precision Dice.
    • Favourite Hand.
    • Liberty Coins.

Video GuideEdit

★ The Secret World ★ - Horror Show

★ The Secret World ★ - Horror Show

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