Mud Golem
"You know you are in trouble when even the ground rises to crush you."


It takes the insidious will of an evil puppet master to animate the very ground to do his bidding. The dirt beneath your feet, with all the rocks, roots, water and junk found within, takes the shape of a huge monster, and a Mud Golem is formed. Golems are perfect servants, having no desires but to serve. They are not intelligent, but are virtually indestructible to mundane weapons and are incredibly strong, capable of lifting whole cars above their heads. Those facing off against a Mud Golem must be prepared for a long and dangerous fight ahead. The tradition of creating golems started with Kabbalistic mages, but the practice of Golemetry has spread across the world in these dark times. This has caused the formidable golems to appear more and more frequently, wreaking havoc wherever they roam.[1]


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