The Orochi Group is a non-playable faction who plays a big role in The Secret World. Their presence can be seen throughout the game. From New England to Egypt continuing to Transylvania and finally in Tokyo. It appears that the Orochi Group wants power, regardless of the costs that it will take to gain said power. They will provide missions in the game.

Not to be confused with The Orochi Group Mission


The Orochi Group headquarters is located in Tokyo, Kaidan. The Group's nerve center is the biggest skyscraper called Orochi Tower. There has also been assumed presence in both the The Savage Coast and Egypt. They maintain a strong presence in the Kingsmouth Town airport as well as a nearby bridge.

Characters Edit

Kingsmouth Town: Ann Radcliffe and Harrison Blake (VA: Tim Russ; same as Tuvok from Voyager)
Egypt (Prometheus Initiative): Lisa Hui

Companies Edit

The Orochi Group is formed by eight companies: Anansi Technologies, Faust Capital, Manticore Research Group, Plethron, QBL Media, Sycoil, Vali and Zagan.

Plethron mission: Angels & Demons

Orochi Tower Edit

Headquarters, located on an island just off the coast of Kaidan, Tokyo. Customers and executives helicopter to the main entrance and penthouse suite; employees use the subway system through The Orochi Underground.

Manufactory Edit

TSW "The Manufactory" opening cinematic (Orochi Tower dungeon)

TSW "The Manufactory" opening cinematic (Orochi Tower dungeon)

Manufactory dungeon and Manufactory Elite

Many players express confusion at the three Factions' declaration that The Dragon won in Tokyo. While there remains no explanation of how the Dragon gained control and what sort of control they gained, Daimon Kiyota does present a very strong claim of how they removed opposition - with the Subway Filth explosion itself. Whether we believe him or not is another matter; see the video for his statement.


Assault on Orochi Tower
The Eight-Headed Serpent
Confrontations and Revelations
Fallen Allies
Hostile Elements
The Room

The offices of each of the companies in Orochi Tower are the setting for their own missions. Each company has an Alpha, Beta and Omega mission, for 24 missions in total.

Anansi Alpha Anansi Beta Anansi Omega
Faust Alpha Faust Beta Faust Omega
Manticore Alpha Manticore Beta Manticore Omega
Plethron Alpha Plethron Beta Plethron Omega
QBL Alpha QBL Beta QBL Omega
Sycoil Alpha Sycoil Beta Sycoil Omega
Vali Alpha Vali Beta Vali Omega
Zagan Alpha Zagan Beta Zagan Omega

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