Topbox motel
"The Overlook Motel is open for business again, there aren't any vacanies."


Abandoned since the 1980s, the lonely shell of the Overlook Motel marks another of Solomon Island's failed attractions. Like those other attractions, it was built on the site of an older establishment, with an older history. A history that has run quiet for years, but never truly left the place. The doors were boarded shut. The rooms were sealed with less visible, but considerably more powerful means. The locals don't talk about it.

But since the closure, it has seen more visitors than it ever did during season. Some of these curious souls have left again, disappointed. Others found exactly what they were looking for. Now, surrounded by the fog that choked the life out of the island, things are starting to check out. Terrible things. And they're bringing some of their local colour.[1]