The Secret World mission information
Mission type Story Story mission (not repeatable)
Faction Illuminati
Starting zone New Yorkmore
How to start Starts automatically after Dawning of an Endless Night is completed

This is a faction-specific quest beginning immediately after the main Solomon Island quest. The Templars version is Sign of the Times; Dragons are given Total Eclipse.


Tier 1
Secret World Legends Gameplay 45 Questions and Answers - Kirsten Geary - Warehouse

Secret World Legends Gameplay 45 Questions and Answers - Kirsten Geary - Warehouse

The end of Tier 5 and Tier 6 are inexplicably missing

  1. Report to Kirsten Geary.
    Of course you will want to not high-five her at the end..but thou must.
Tier 2
  1. Figure out where you are, and why.
Tier 3
  1. Read the report that was left behind.
  2. Leave Q&A via the elevator.
  3. Find the office of the agent under suspicion.
  4. Learn what you can from the agent's laptop (the password is a "disgrace" and a dog's name > dog's name is Kirsten).
Tier 4
  1. Find the delivery truck and investigate it.
  2. Look for the agent.
  3. Remove the spinal chip from the agent's corpse.
Tier 5
The Secret World (Illuminati) S1

The Secret World (Illuminati) S1.198 - Questions and Answers Tier 5 6

The end of Tier 5, and Tier 6

  1. Get back to Illuminati headquarters (As long as you lead the Egyptian Dispatcher away, dying and releasing means being able to avoid fighting the hulking brute).
  2. Go to the server room (Leah Cassini is available to speak on seven topics after the cutscene).
  3. Report to Kirsten Geary.
Tier 6
  1. Travel to The Scorched Desert in Egypt through Agartha.


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