The Secret World mission information
Mission type Story Story mission (not repeatable)
Faction Templars
Starting zone Londonmore
How to start Starts after finishing Dawning of an Endless Night

This is a faction-specific quest beginning immediately after the main Solomon Island quest. The Dragon version is Total Eclipse; Illuminati are given Questions and Answers.


1.Meet Richard Sonnec in the Templar base

Tier 1
Sign of the Times Templar

Sign of the Times Templar

  1. Speak with Marianne Shelley
  2. Enter the crime scene
Tier 2
  1. Continue into the cold storage
  2. Find a way to remove the barrier from the occult symbol (turn around to face the doorway you entered; it's the lever on the left)
  3. Find the source of the strange noises. Stairs have been opened up by the lever.
  4. Search the hidden room for a way to remove the barrier. Listen to the recordings (the accent of the recorded voice is from South Africa). The researcher, Lanbe, apparently found an a portal to the Elder Gods; the player has seen their realm of stars too. It seems that prolonged exposure to it is not entirely healthy.
Tier 3
  1. Go through Lanbe's ritual books. Examine Book of Dust.
  2. Snuff the candles on the ritual symbol upstairs. All eight of them, one at a time :)
Tier 4

Defeat the Reclaimer.

Tier 5

Retrieve the Ankh.

Tier 6
Stuart Sisters with Iain Gladstone

Find the Librarian in the Temple Club.

Tier 7

Return to Richard Sonnec, who speaks about Egypt.

"This is one of the places that civilization began. Let us see that it does not end there."

Next, Travel through Agartha to The Scorched Desert in Egypt


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