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"In the heart of the City of the Sun God, a black sun is rising."


Egypt is a land of secrets, but few better concealed in plain view than this temple city. Its edifices were raised in the darkest hour of the Pharoahs by slaves and madmen. Its great avenues are testament to a god that only briefly shone its terrible light across the Black Land. Overthrown in desperate rebellion, the city became a tomb for its creators. All mention was erased from history. This accursed place was sunk into the sand, guarded eternally so it might never be rediscovered.

So much for the best laid plans. The eyes of a certain multinational corporation are everywhere, and their hungry tentacles are soon to follow. An archaeological discovery beyond compare to interested parties, the temple city of the sun god has been uncovered, its defenses breached. The horrors trapped within for so long have responded in kind. This was never a city of the living...only of death.[1]

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