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"The spreading darkness in Egypt threatens the entire world."


In the tall shadows of ancient history, a long forgotten god has risen, a cruel Pharaoh is stirring in his grave and the Plagues of Egypt have returned to haunt the Black Land.

It all started in a small and secluded valley in the Egyptian desert when a massive earthquake ripped the ground open and a black, oily substance leaked out of the cracks to corrupt the land. In its wake, storied monsters have crept out of the dark places, ancient cults have taken the minds of the innocent and a forgotten temple has been rediscovered.

The villagers of Al-Merayah live in constant fear, wedged between crazed cultists and the prophesied protectors of their ancestral land, the Marya.

And with darkness rising, all the agents of the secret world - good and bad – gather in the small valley; to fight for the spoils, to help those in need, or to answer the call of the Black Pharaoh.[1]


The Secret World - The Scorched Desert Preview Video

The Secret World - The Scorched Desert Preview Video