Transylvania Stones

"Many of your dreams come from under the stones. The stone remembers. It has been held by hands stained with clay and blood. It pines for when the sea covered all and it dreads the starved cities."

Transylvania, in Central Europe. The Besieged Farmlands, Carpathian Fangs and Shadowy Forest

Previous continent: Africa (Egypt)
Next Continent: Asia (Kaidan and Orochi Tower in Tokyo, in Japan)

Multiple enemies in Transylvania, and a boss enemy which appears multiple times in Blue Mountain, are particularly difficult to vanquish without the "Corrupted" effect. Pistol was, and may still be, the only source of the "Corrupted" effect, which reduces the effectiveness of heals heal, barrier and leech effects. Skills: Dirty Tricks and Marked. Players who wish to pursue other lines may have to team with a Pistol user in Blue Mountain or skip the boss until they can pick up the Pistol skills in Transylvania when they have more room for those skills.[1]

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  1. Ability to apply the Corrupted debuff - Yokai's guide to build mechanics and build philosophy
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