Zamira header
Zamira joined to take a stand, to do her duty."


Zamira may be the polar opposite of the Templars stereotype, but she’s right in line with Richard Sonnac’s vision of the ‘New Templars’. Thus, to recruitment officers, she may be the perfect ambassador for the revisionist policies that have opened the doors to so many new initiates.

Without any sort of lineage to speak of, and with a modicum of tact, she’s managed to enrage many of the old guard -- Zamira couldn’t care less. She didn’t join the Templars for rank, title or wealth. She joined to take a stand, to do her duty, to use her unique talents to protect the innocent against the rising darkness. And she is certainly no less dedicated to the cause and the crusade than those who were born into it. Quite the opposite.

Currently between assignments, Zamira spends her days at The Horned God awaiting marching orders and imbibing plenty of lager with her unlikely friend and reluctant compatriot Konrad Engel; a representative of the old guard who has lost faith in the Templars war machine. The two appear to bicker constantly, but there’s a deep respect between them that gives hope for an eventual conciliation between the increasingly divergent factions within the dusty halls of the Templars.[1]